Hey there!

My name is Sara Celeste Martin and I am a Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor and Filmmaker*. As a filmmaker, my work has been featured in over 50 film festivals and showcases worldwide. I've also collaborated with many filmmakers/production companies based in Los Angeles and am always excited to collaborate on new and exciting projects!


I graduated from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2016, with a BFA from the Film/Video Program. I also graduated from the Film/Television Program at Orange County High School of the Arts (Class of 2011) and am a 2009 California Arts Scholar (CSSSA, Film/Video '09).


My ultimate goal is to direct/produce my own work - whether it's live action, animated and/or a beautiful installation at LACMA or the Art Institute in Chicago. 



*While I'm not working, I'm either drinking coffee in the middle of the night at 24/7 diners - or taking thousands of photos of my two pugs, Amélie and S'mores.